F-150 Assist Handle For Driver

My family and I have driven Ford F-150's for the last 25 years and I recently purchased my new 2012 F-150 Lariat Supercrew 4X4 about 2 weeks ago.

I was very surprised to find there was no Entry/Exit Handle on the driver's side to assist with entry and exit for the driver.

As an older driver this creates a problem, as well as a safety issure, for un-assisted entry/exit to and from the driver's seat. The factory steps on my truck are higher and flat and look like they could be slippery when wet.

The Passenger seat still has the assist handle and I need one on the driver's side as well.

My dealer's answer was "that's the way they are manufactured now". Both my previous F-150's had the handle and I find it hard to believe Ford gave a lot of thought to discontinuing it on the newer model trucks.

I believe Ford should re-consider the deletion of this assist handle on driver's side of F-150 Trucks. Additionally, they should manufacture and supply an aftermarket Driver's side entry/exit assist handle kit for persons, such as myself, that need it for safer and easier entry and exit.
Glenn 08/16/2014
Looked at the 2013 and 14—no assist handle. Major reason I didn't buy.
Jim 02/08/2014
I recently purchased a new 2013 F-150 xlt SuperCrew 4X4. I am 78 years old this month and this is my first truck. I drove it around the dealer’s parking lot but failed to notice the absence of an Entry/Exit Handle on the driver's side since the lot was level and I was wearing athletic shoes. At home I parked the truck on the street where it leaned to the left. The next morning I was almost unable to get into the driver’s side because of the missing handle. The running board was now only partially accessible due to the angle. My smooth soled dress shoes slipped off the running board several times, causing me to land hard on my feet on the road. I didn’t fall but easily could have. My wife tried to assist me but to no avail. I tried to pull up using the steering wheel but could not because of its location. After numerous frustrating tries I finally managed to climb up onto the seat on my knees. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 270 pounds but am strong and otherwise in good physical condition. If the assist handle had not been missing, I am certain I would have had no trouble getting into the truck on this incline. The lack of the handle is obviously a very dangerous design flaw. I strongly recommend that no older person purchase one of these trucks until Ford restores the assist handle. Even younger people should try to get in with the truck leaning toward the driver’s side before purchasing it.
Ron Harper 02/03/2014
Ron H. This is my 3 rd and last time to try to write this comment. It disappears at the slightest click to edit. In 2015, I will either buy an F150 that has a driver assist handle, buy another brand truck, or postpone.
Paul Webb 03/24/2013
I agree, current truck is 2010, but previous truck was a 2005 king ranch. No assist handle has been a major negative. Also the steering wheel is smaller. It looks like the smaller wheel from the explorer was used in the f150 models.
Stephanie 11/13/2012
I agree, we got a 2010 Platinum edition 2 years ago and we always wondered. Our three previous all had the handle and I saw no reason to get rid of it.
Mark C 10/16/2012
I agree!!! I just started shopping for a new 2013, my current is a 2007. Can't believe they deleted that handle... bad decision! I may look elsewhere.