Explorer front parking sensor

I just bought a 2014 Explorer Limited with the 302a package. This car parks itself, corrects lane drifts, Mysync, has fantastic rear camera with sensors but NO front sensors. What a bonehead move by ford.  This is an easy $200 fix for Ford To add sensors and lights on dash.

The explorer has a high, long hood that is difficult to judge pulling into parking spaces. I never even dreamed to check while test driving since rear is so fantastic with camera and sonar.

carole reider 03/15/2014
I was told it does have front bumper sensors as I knew I would have a problem judging with the curved hood. I had a Suburban before this and where the hood ends the vehicle ends....I could park it anywhere. Last night I tried it and I couldn't have got any closer without scratching my new car and it didn't do a thing. A little disappointed.