Emergency Vehicle Warning System

My name is Dmitriy Stalmakov and I am in the EMS field. There are a lot of talks about how to make emergency vehicles safer, because people can’t see them or hear them. I know that there are white lights on stop lights that tell drivers when an emergency vehicle is approaching, but what if the driver is on the highway? I think that if Ford came up with a system in their vehicles that warned drivers about approaching Emergency vehicles, it would save a lot of lives, and help Emergency Vehicles get places faster. I think this innovation will make Ford even more popular because people will see that Ford cares a lot about the drivers and the safety of Emergency Staff. Imagine it though, you are driving on the highway listening to the music and can’t hear anything around you, because the music is to loud and because you are driving faster than the speed of sound. All of a sudden either a little light flashes near your speedometer that indicates that there is an emergency vehicle behind you, or even better the ford computer navigation system says “ Attention, Emergency vehicle approaching”. Wouldn't that be absolutely great?
Just an idea!