Emergency sirens

Ford has designed vehicles very well to keep out noise. Today an ambulance and police vehicle approached a car from behind and the driver never knew they were near until they almost passed. Then the driver of the car slammed on the brakes almost causing another accident. Is it possible to program the vehicle radio or another apparatus to alert the driver of approaching emergency vehicles. If this could sound an alert whether the radio was on or off. My son is a police officer and my brother was a paramedic for 13 years and both tell stories about people being unaware of approaching emergency vehicles.
Thank you
Nan A 02/05/2013
I had something similar years ago as I am hard of hearing. Microphone was attached to the back of my van. Used it for six months. Siren had to cycle twice on the long sirens and four times on the short cycles to activate. It never alerted me to vehicles approaching prior to my seeing it. Only one time it activated and I could not pinpoint the location of the emergency vehicle. My kids told me it was a fire truck, four blocks away. Microphone kept unsticking and would hang and bang against the car and I shut it once too many times in the rear lift door in the van, and decided it didn't need to be replaced. Keeping an eye out in your rear-view mirror works best.
Darryl S 12/12/2012
i had the same idea..
back in 1984
Tes T 12/11/2012