Emergency Braking System

By Erik S.

The Emergency Braking System, or EBS, would be a piece of software implemented in a vehicle's computer system(s).

It would read vehicle velocity & applied brake pedal pressure from the ABS system.

If applied brake pressure is severe, indicating an emergency braking attempt, and vehicle speed is not declining at a reasonable rate, with plenty of tolerance, and the ABS system is NOT attempting to moderate brake pressure, then the EBS system would flag a brake failure under emergency conditions.

It would then attempt to slow the vehicle down by whatever other means may be at its disposal, such as engaging the AC compressor, shifting into progressively lower gears, cutting fuel, selecting a cam position to maximize pumping losses, and possibly engaging the alternator on alternator-cut enabled vehicles.

In my car, I am able to slow down quite capably to a stop by utilizing this method manually.

It is not perfect, but it is better than nothing in an emergency situation, in which a driver may not have the wherewithal to activate the emergency brake, or it may be inoperative as well as it was in my case.