Eliminate Outside Mirrors and Front Windshield Mirror on Vehicles

Eliminate the outside mirrors and windshield mounted mirror- replace with dash mounted screen that uses exterior cameras to display real time on a screen mounted right above the dash board. Doing this will eliminate the need to look left or right when driving. The driver only needs to glance down to see what is to the left or right of his vehicle. The screen is divided. The left hand side of the screen is what is on the left hand side of the car. The middle of the screen is what is behind the vehicle. The right hand side of the screen is what is on the right hand side of the vehicle. This should cut down on wind against the vehicle, increase gas mileage, and assist the driver to constantly know what is going on to the right and left and behind him. Eliminating the blind spot also. Just think of it....no front windshield mounted mirror, no exterior mounted mirrors.

Convenience, Safety, Less Steel required in the car., increasing gas mileage...with this being the electronics age......this would cut down on manufacturing costs too. And help the driver. No need to pull mirrors in when on a busy tight street, less to wash on a car, etc. etc.

I would love to have this in my new vehicle.......