Easy access Jack / Tire Iron Storage

By Carl J.

I have a 2011 F-150 SuperCrew. Currently my jack case bounces around on the rear seat floor, even though there is a pocket designed for it. Why?

I have two small children (2 YO and 2 MO) and both are in car seats. Because the jack is mounted under the seat hinge, and one bolt is under the 60% seat and the other is under the 40% seat. I would need to take both children out of their seats, and remove their seats from the car, before I could even start fixing a flat tire. Imagine how dangerous this could be with a 2 year old and 2 month old on the side of a busy road or highway while I try to change a tire. Even if I was able to pull off to a safe area, how could I change a tire and keep an eye on two children. Storage location is irrelevent to be, as long as it is not under the seats or require some one to remove child seats in order to access the jack in its proper storge area.