Dual Angle rear view mirrors

By Jack D.

I hate the blind spot to the left rear not caught be either the inside or side mounted rear view mirrors.I'm feeling that if the outside 1/3rd of my outside rear view was split vertically from what I use normally about 5-10 degrees forward,that area would be covered for that guy that's passing you with his right front bumper about 20 feet from your left rear.I purchased a convex "stick on" to cover the area but the approach vehice is to small to view quickly.Unfortunately accidents happen quickly.
Michael L 07/25/2012
My 2013 explorer came with BLIS indicators. The standard ones come with a convex section. I'd like to see them make a mirror available with both. I ended up using an aftermarket convex stick-on and haven't had any problems
Jack D 03/29/2012
Wow,I must be the only guy with a problem,huh ?