Driver Knee Airbag Improvement

By Ron R.

I almost bought a 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid today. I did not buy it because there was not enough clearance between the knee airbag casing and the brake pedal for my size 12 shoe. I was afraid to buy the car because I thought I might not be able to hit the brake in an emergency situation. I thought it was unsafe. I tested a non-hybrid Ford Fusion and there was no problem. I think it would be good if Ford's engineers would tweak the design a little so that there is more foot room between the brake pedal snd the bottom of the knee airbag casing. Sadly, by then I probably will have bought a competitor's car. These California gas prices are telling me, "Go hybrid, now!"
Michael 01/23/2013
This is a good point. Does anyone know whether the new 2013 Fusion Hybrid offers more driver's side foot room ?