Drive good or be shut down

By Greg H.

Ok say your driving all over the road, But hey Your ford can take care of that. it says a warning is there a problem please drive better or pull over ok you get one more warning still bad. driving isnt any better so Ford says we will be slowing you down and stopping your car for 30 min please be ready to be stopped. Im not saying ppl have to have it installed but Im sure companys would love it and Insurance companys and not even saying there drunk could be medical Thats my Idea safety First
John B 01/01/2013
I favor the breatholizer for multiple DWI offenders but I am not in favor of any more big brother than we already have in our lives. What if it was you and you lived in a rural area and you were rushing your wife or child to the hospital because an ambulance would take too long to arrive? What if the car shut down for half an hour and your loved one expired? How would you feel then?
Kurtis S 12/30/2012
Greg, your idea forgets that sometimes extreme maneuvers are required in emergency situations. I'd hate to be swerving and accelerating hard to miss an out of control truck, only to have the "safety system" automatically shut the car down. My widow would be able to sue Ford.