Dog A/C via new solar

Many of us are single dog "people/parents".  To keep our best friends safe while we run in to go to the bathroom or buy a dozen eggs, I propose the new solar technology be routed, as an option, to a multiply-redundant environmental control system for our sweet animals in the car.  This system would use the new solar and stored battery Ford technology as source energy for parked environmental control, to maintain the "cabin" temperature between 32 and 72F.  This system would be multiply-redundant to protect our best friends and the Ford company from harm or lawsuit.  It would include an alert system for the vehicle operator via cell, for any compromise of the system (i.e., first-level system failure) so that they could return to the vehicle to ensure the health and well-being of their companions.  Not all of us have the luxury of "escorts", but we adore our animals and children.  Let Ford be the parked car's best friend.