Disctinct Ford "motor" sounds for EVs

I've heard that EVs will need to come equipped with a beeping sound for safety (around the visually impaired). The sound-design geek in me thinks this is a great opportunity for Ford to come up with a suite of cool-sounding EV "motor" sounds that could play from an array of speakers mounted in the car. There could be a selection of 3 or 5 that the driver could choose from and it'd be unmistakeable as it came down the road that this was a Ford product by its signature sound. Think the Jetsons car sound ("Whooosh!") only not that particular sound, obviously (though that would be cool, too). This could be a really good branding opportunity.
Roger T 05/29/2010
This could be a lot of fun and make Ford and "app" creators some money. On Monday your car could sound like a Model T, on Tuesday like Luke Skywalker's Land Speeder, and on Wednesday like a Pac-Man machine. Conceivably, a pedestrian could hear a Ford EV approach a stop sign sounding like a galloping horse slowing to a trot and finally come to a stop while making a heavy breathing sound , along with other sounds horses tend to make. One has to remember that the sounds simulated could be mechanical or organic based.