Disabled ability to get into and out of vehicle

I am a retired disabled veteran and getting into my 2011 F-250 Lariat 4 x 4 Crew Cab, is sometimes a little dificult, even with the custom running boards that came on it and the grab handles. It seems like we need to find one more place for another handle for individuals such as I who love the truck, but have a little difficulty getting into it.

The placement of the additional handle would need to be one that flipped or pulled down from the door frame/post, where the door latches. Possibly, something that when puled down used the pin or latching mechanism already in the door post, then it would have to be pushed back up out of the way for safety, before the engine could be started.
Great truck and my wife loves sitting so high and seeing everything from the factory suspension lift and 20" tires and the diesel engine power. Love that Truck!