Disable switch for Power third row seats

I have on several occaisions accidently bumped the Power Third Row seat switch while loading the back of my 2011 Explorer Limited. The seats then start to try and open up causing all kinds of havoc with my items I am loading. This is potentially a safety issue from shifting/falling cargo items as there is no way I have found to keep the seats from moving once they start except to just hold them down until the overload kicks in.  It is really annoying when this happens.

How about a button on the dash or drivers door that would disable the buttons in the rear that open/stow the third row seats?   Another idea would be to recess the rear buttons with a cover of some type that could be retracted when I wanted to actually use the buttons but would keep me or my cargo from accidently activating them when I don't want to. 

I don't use the third row often, I almost wish I could have the option of having a solid floor back there (like my '93 Explorer) instead of the seats. However, a means to keep those buttons from being accidently activated would be great.