Diabetic Driver Peace of Mind

By Jack L.

I have a son with Type 1 diabetes and he has just received his drivers permit. I am very concerned about him driving in the future alone before checking his sugar and being sure his sugar levels are not to low or to high before starting the car and driving. I wish you could invent a car for diabetics that would not start before the driver had checked his sugar. It really should be simple to do because they have devices to keep alcoholic offenders from starting their vehicles before driving. Please place your engineers and innovators on this project. It will save many lives and provide peace of mind to not only the drivers with diabetes, but also their concerned parents.
Jack Leonard
A Concerned Father
Jimmy G 11/24/2013
I’ve been a Type I diabetic for over 20 years, a driver the whole time, and I’ve never had a situation while driving. You’re better off worrying about his control -in general- rather than simply while driving. If he maintains his sugars well, he won’t have any problems driving. If he does happen to have an event while driving, highs won’t impair his driving unless he’s days behind already. If he has a low, the fix is as simple as keeping some candy in the console or glove box.
kevin m 11/23/2013
i support you on that, it would be really nice to come up with such ideas like the range rover evoque which has a mood senser would your engineers come up with a complete sensor that can detect even illness conditions?