Deceleration caution lights

Many "fender bender" rear-ender accidents could be avoided if drivers had some additional warning time indicating that traffic ahead is slowing. Why not, in addition to rear brake lights, incorporate a rear yellow warning light that would go on when your foot is removed from the accelerator pedal just before applying the brakes? I think this feature would be especially helpful in heavy traffic and freeway situations where cars are frequently massed bumper to bumper. Safety experts say that every split second in reaction and stopping time is critical.
Richard G. Belmore 04/13/2013
I thought of this 20 years ago, but instead of a yellow light, i thought just having the brake lights come on when you take you'r foot off the gas pedal would work just fine.
John H 02/09/2013
What if it were to have a strobe effect if a certain amount of brake pressure is applied (so the strobe only is used in heavy/panic braking)?