Daytime Running Lights

Ford should make Daytime Running Lights standard on all its vehicles. I believe this is an important safety feature.  Many other Auto companies have them standard on all of their vehicles.
Stephen C 08/27/2014
Here here!  Enable the DRLs on the Fusions--RETROACTIVELY!  I know this can be done by reprogramming.
Michael Houng 09/04/2013
My 2013 Ford Energi has lots of high tech devices but no daytime runnning light.  Ford, please add LED to it.
Paul M 08/18/2013
With my Focus ST, if I set the headlights to Auto on, if I then turn the windshield wipers on, the headlights will automatically turn on. But I agree with everyone else that Ford should go Daytime Running Lights for the US.
Terri K 08/15/2013
I would love for the lights to be on all the time - or at least automatically whenever the windshield wipers are turned on.
Errol Marshall 08/12/2013
This idea is long over due, why fleet vehiciles have them and not those purchased from the dealer by the average buyer. I have always install my own but this should not be an individual choice.
Martin S 08/05/2013
My daughter has daytime running lights on her vehicle. This Dad likes the added safety factor!