Day Time Driving Lights

As the Nartional Safety Council has learned, there are fewer highway accidents when vehicles have the Headlights, On during the daylight hours.  That should be a "Standard" Item, on all new cars.  I would like to have that feature, on my 2013 Exlorer, like it was on my former Tahoe.  
Edwin S 01/20/2014
I want this feature on my 2013 edge sport but the dealer says if it was an option it woulf be active already.
J. 12/20/2013
I've never heard of DRLs voiding the warranty, and since my service rep. offered to enable them on my '13 Edge I doubt it would be the case. After all, DRLs are required on the very same vehicle in many parts of the EU, Scandanavia, etc.
Carroll H 09/09/2013
I believe that the Daytime Running Lights option is the best safety option and should be mandatory on all vehicles like it is in Canada. I also believe it is irresponsible of Ford not to allow the feature to be activated in the software, except for Fleet orders, under the threat of possible voiding of the warranty.