Day light running lights

I have owed more Fords than I care to remember. Had to stop buying Explorers two cars ago because wife's demand for a car with daylight running lights. She had a close call with a head on crash and she contends with daylight lights it would not have happened.
You install daylight lights on all Canadian Explorers, why can't you make them standard on all North American Explorers ?? I sure miss my Explorer !!!!! Tks, Dave Walters
Ricardo L 03/04/2013
Or you could just turn on the parking lights when you drive and get bright orange DRLs..... simple fix!
Tom Robertson 01/06/2013
I have a car with daylight running lights and really like them. I just bought a C-Max that does not have them. I intend to place a piece of black paper over the auto light sensor making it think it's still night , keeping the lights, set on auto, on all the time the car is running.