Dashboard missing things

The Dashboard console that is behind the steering wheel, needs to have all digital gauges on a big widescreen that shows RPM, Speedometer, Oil Temp and Pressure, Water Temp, Transmission Temp, Voltage, and compass, maybe add the A/C Heater controls and what radio station you are on. The reason is when I look down or to the Center Console I feel my eye are leaving the road for a long period of time even though its only 5 seconds max to find all the information I need. Having this info behind the steering wheel will make it easier to see and find the information I would like to see.
joaquin r 01/27/2013
Take a lesson from Dodge Ram center console...Displays Outside Temp, Direction in top area no matter what setting. Much more friendly with more info options as well. Not worth losing my Boss 6.2 but a good idea is a good idea.
Stan U 01/06/2013
If something needs attention you will be notified. No disrespect, but these used to be called "idiot lights". I think there is already far too much to look at while driving.
Royce C 12/15/2012
5 seconds is a long time to take eyes off road.
jl 03/13/2012
Please have at least 1000 lb towing capacity even an old Toyota Camry has that don't be so wimpy.