Dashboard indicator for headlight

In the auto mode for headlights, there does not seem to be an indication about whether your headlights have turned on or not.
For example in a light rain, in the auto headlight mode, I may be using my wipers, but I don't know if the headlights are on.  In many states, it is required for the headlights to be on if you are using the wipers.
There should be an indicator on the dashboard that would tell if the headlights were lit, and if not, override button to turn them on.
Mark V 07/30/2013
I would like to see the high beam indicator light in the shape of a running pony on mustangs, as it was in the early years.
William B 07/27/2013
I think it is there already. If you look at the headlight knob there is a symbol for the headlight. When the lights are on there is the same symbol illuminated in green below my speedometer.

Now if it would turn the headlights on whenever the wipers are engaged, that would be useful.