Dash cam

Ford should install front and rear dash cams in their vehicles to record as the vehicle are in motion.  This feature is a feature that are a standard in some countries such as China.  This feature would be a great benefit for auto insurance purposes as well as a bite against the law such as rear end collisions and etc.  Sometimes a vehicle in front of us may not pay to much attention and all at once hard break that may cost one to rear end them or swerve hard and wreck.  Having this feature would be a great benefit and proof as to what happened and save the driver who are not at fault of a rear end collision.  
terry W 03/04/2014
Great idea! The fords that already have the front and back camera's in them just need a SD card to record to and some minor software.
Walter T 03/04/2014
If you are following a vehicle even at safe distance but however are driving the speed limit and the vehicle that are infront of you are not paying full attention of what is happening ahead of him can cause a real bad situation.  If the vehicle that is ahead of you who are not paying full attention all at once notice that the vehicle in front of him is at a complete stop of which he did not give himself nor the vehicles behind him a chance to slow down there speed, but swerve over and avoid the collision, it will not leave you the other driver a chance to know that has happened other than to rear end the vehicle ahead.  If you have documentation of a recorder, then you will have proof that it is not your fault for the collision.  
Marcus I 03/03/2014
To Art H, not in Detroit. Michigan is No Fault. Though, in the reasonable parts of the country, this makes perfect sense, not sure how many will go for it. Plus, there are other considerations. Could a Judge subpoena your video of an accident, even if you are not involved? Also, this requires a lot of other expensive components: video encoder, hard drive, screen, export port, computer to tie it all together. Suddenly you're looking at a few hundred dollar (base minimum) manufacturer cost for an option that would have to cost an extra $1250 sticker price...

"Okay, but Ford has MySync and touch screens/ computers/ backup cams already in some vehicles," Fine, but you still need around $150 in extra manufacturer cost added if you make this standard with the Navigation center option, which not every customer wants (to pay for) anyway.

Ford makes it's money off options. All car manufacturers do. This option, at this point in time, is not fiscally sensible for Ford. Third parties are available to serve this particular market niche already.
art h 03/01/2014
If you hit a guy in the rear it is always your fault. Laws says you were folowing to close.