dark door at night !!

By Abdo O.

I ‘am from morocco, and i want just to help in a the security system of your cars, or maybe, all of cars..
Yesterday, i see a security problem in a car, i was with my friend in his car, out of city, at night, it was dark.. a car stopped at the side of the road, the car was black, but the lights are on .. the problem is when the man Inside want to open the door , the inside of car was black too.. so the other cars (90 or 100km/h) didn't see the door.. a car almost hit the door, because everything was dark .. Finally he see the man inside coming out which have a white shirt ..
i think you can fix this problem by a White stripe which reflect the lights , or lights in the door flashing when door open
i hope i am helpful
David T 12/08/2012
I didn't search for this before posting my own comment but the posted is correct. Ford has become penny-wise and safety-foolish, as the higher priced Lincoln versions have a small (1" x 2") reflective/illuminated patch on the door. Perhaps the NHTSA should weigh in on this issue before someone gets seriously hurt exiting a Ford vehicle at night.
Brian S 08/24/2012
Inside light on the door (especially front doors) on all vehicles. almost every car, the cheaper models used to have a reflector in place of an actual light. Not sure why carmakers (including Ford) did away with this safety feature on typical models.