D.U. I Breathalyzer

A person can blow in the app, when the person is over the drinking limit, the car locks up and it wont start the car, even the steering wheel lock up.
An App that can tell if you are intoxicated. An App that can tell if you consume too much of alcohol and considered to be D.U.I You breath into the iphone or ipad and the recording says you are over the limit to drive, you consume to much of alcohol and it list the monitor like 0.02. You are intoxicated do not let this person drive. In the car dashboard, Elevator pitch: I was coming from the club and me and my friends were fighting over, who did not drink or consume alot of alcohol. At that time, we did not have a way to determine who was over the alcholo limit to be considered intoxicated or D.U. I One my friends pulled out their iphone and the other pulled out the ipad. We thought the new iphone had that App feature, to determine who was intoxicated. We found out that no one made a breathalyzer D.U.I intoxicated App or inside the dashboard

Target Audience: Drivers Under The Influence
Lil Trill L 02/08/2013
I vote for this invention
Tiffany P 01/30/2013
I like this idea and I support this idea. Any ideas that save lives
Billy S 01/30/2013
I like this idea
Billy S 01/30/2013
I'm over 30, this invention can be used for adults as well. Just don't limit to young people under 30. I like this invention as well, it will save my life and me getting a D.U.I ticket .LOL I like this idea, cut but intelligent idea. I just wish they had this idea ten years ago!
Linda F 01/30/2013
Just the other day, in my city a teenager and his friends where celebrating graduation and acceptance to college. The high school students got drunk and the car flip over killing the driver but injuring the passenger. If this invention was stored in my Ford dashboard, this would have save his life, since I am the sober one. I don't play with someone lives. I just turn 21 and I have not even live my life yet. This is oen thing I don't play with death and other should not play death either. I agree this invention will save lives.
Firmin F 01/26/2013
I like this idea because, it will save lives. It will save children lives and teach them the responsibility of not driving while intoxicated. People will support this invention and buy this invention in what ever car for their child, as a graduation gift etc..
Peter W 01/26/2013
I like this safety idea
Rashad F 01/26/2013
I agree I like this invention. It saves lives, especially people who drive drunk
Chris B 01/26/2013
This car will be perfect. This car will save lives for teenager and citizens , who drive drunk and as a result some victims are killed due to drunk driving accidents. I agree with this idea or invention, Ford will receive a award for the best car of the year. This idea or invention will not out Honda and Toyota
Tremaine B 01/24/2013
I will buy this car for gift for my child as a high school or graduation gift or first time gift, but for my daughter sweet 16 gift. because it is safety and it saves lives this idea or invention
jeffrey s 01/15/2013
Good idea, Finally a real life safety feature for teenagers and people that drive D.U.I this will save lives. This invention will save a person life on and off the highways.