Create a Sync App for Hearing Aids

By Mike C.

Having served many, many years in the US Army I spent far too much time around tanks, trucks, generators, and firing ranges. Eventually my hearing suffered greatly, although the concerts I went to when I was younger probably didn't help, but I digress.
Recently my hearing was tested and I was prescribed new hearing aids (Siemens 701 Pure Micon). They came with 2 Bluetooth transmitters to stream audio from my TV's, a Bluetooth remote control with built in microphone, they sync with my iPhone, and have auto T-Coils. The only thing I can't get them to do is to sync up with the SYNC in my F-150.
I am sure there are many more people out there with newer hearing aids that have these capabilities who would LOVE to have an app which would allow them to control them from within our Fords using SYNC.
Richard A 08/13/2014
This is a neat idea. I think the only issue is if people decide to use the same feature to connect to headphones. This could impact driving for those who wear headphones.

It also seems like you could get the same functionality from simply using your iPhone and Siri, or passing the command from the voice Sync button to Siri.