Comfort for small-sized person

My husband and I recently leased a 2013 Fusion, after having leased a 2012 Fusion for 2 yrs. Since I'm 5 ft 1 inches tall, it's necessary for me to have the driver's seat close to the steering wheel, in order to reach the brake and gas pedals.  I, also, drive with the back of my seat in a perpendicular position, since I've experienced neck pain from a previous accident. With the seat in this position, the headrest pushes my neck too far forward and creates pain, resulting in a headache. My husband was able to turn around the headrest in the 2012 Fusion, but had to totally remove the headrest in the 2013. I'm counting on the high seatback to give me some level of protection if I were to ever be involved in a collision. I'm challenging your design team to create a headrest that works in all situations. Thanks!