Child warning

By Jane R.

I am not an engineer or designer, my idea is due to deaths with children left in the back of the car.  why can't you have a safety seat in the back where the child car seat would be by weight as you do in the front of the car with weight.  The air bag in the front shuts off by the weight of the person, why cant there be a sensor in the back seat doing the reverse.  The sensor knows there is something in the seat but it is light in weight, so before you can lock the doors or an alarm goes off informing you there is something in the back seat of the car.  It could be included in a package or standard. just a thought I hate hearing the news about people leaving their children or pets in the car accidently.
Naomi A 07/16/2014
Hi! The reason for your idea is the same reason why I posted a "prevention" idea about an hour ago. My idea is for them to make a sensor so that if the car is turned off and the sensor detects crying on the inside of the car, then all windows would roll down. I know my idea might not be best but - clearly I think they could do something! It is happening very frequently, and I think it is time for the car manufacturers to step in and implement a safety feature to prevent hot-car deaths. Thanks for also submitting such an idea! I feel so strongly about it, that I don't even have a Ford but joined this website just to submit my concern.