Child Safety Alarm

By Mary T.

I would like to suggest on all cars /trucks with more than two doors, which means has some sort of back seat.  That Ford lead the way in child safety.  Apparently we have lost another baby according to the news.  Father forgot she was in the back seat. Lord be with them.  My suggestion is connect to the auto theft alarm.  If any car with a back set is turned off, driver exits front seat the car will not lock and within 10 seconds the alarms go off. Horn honking, sirens you name it.  Unless one of the back doors are actually opened and closed.  Then the car would lock and verify with a noise that confirms the car is locked. 
Dan N 07/24/2014
People tend to work odd hours and I really don't think waking up a neighborhood with a car alarm because you forgot to open and close a back door for no reason is a reasonable idea. Stop with the interference in Darwinism.