Cell Phone Use

With all the data of the dangers of driving and talking/texting on cell phones, why can't Ford design a gadget to go into the steering wheel of a vehicle that will diasble all features of a cell phone except emergency (9-1-1) functions for a set number of inches from the steering wheel while the vehicle is in motion? This would allow passengers to use the cell phone, allow emergency use while driving, and allow use in the driver seat while not in motion. I am sure other agencies, such as trucking companies, would be interested in this technology as well and insurance companies would probably give discounts for it. I am an ex-cop and I know what a difference it would make!
Chris Vandenheede 06/06/2011
The SYNC system lets you use your phone with voice commands. I feel that is much safer then actually having to pull you phone out to use it. No one would use a system that turns their phone off.
Dave Bristel 06/03/2011
There is no way to prevent cell phone functionality on the cell phone itself. At best, you could adjust the settings on the phone to turn them off, but there is no standard for a bluetooth headset to disable functionality of the phone. The best that could be done would be the hands-free functionality would have these features disabled, but then stupid people would just go back to using these features on the phone itself.