Carseat safety Sensor

By Mary R.

Install the sensors that register the weight of a person sitting in the front passenger seat for airbag deployment/non-deployment in the backseats. An alarm (like headlights on/keys in ignition) would sound when the driver's door opened and there was a carseat/small child in the backseat. This might prevent the "forgotten child in the backseat on a hot day" tragedy from happening.
Les Hehe 07/21/2014
I agree with Marlo. If the seatbelt is still locked after the ignition is turned off, an alarm should sound. The weight factor requires a certain limit on how light the carrier and child represents. The cpu in the car could just get an upgrade to reprogram the seatbelt lock sensor to stay on for a predetermined amount of time after the ignition is turned off.
marlo pfoutz 07/11/2014
why not fix it where if a seat belt is left fastened after car is turned off for 5 seconds the horn will continously beep
Susan C 06/26/2014
There definitely needs to be some sort of sensor/alarm installed in all cars new or old that goes off when the doors open to alert the driver that the carseat has a passenger that needs to be removed! Ford could possibly team up with carseat manufacturers to do this.It should be mandatory like carseats.Possibly with grants,donations etc these could get installed in older cars.Seems like something easy to do that would end this senseless tragedy.
Perry M 06/26/2014
That sounds like a great idea. I'm sure there would have to be some kinda settings you would have to change depending on weight of car seat and such, but it sounds like simple settings and a life saving idea that could make a difference. Listen up Ford! This is a good one!