carbon monoxide alarm

By John F.

I live in the northeast and recently we had an historic blizzard and unfortunately there we two deaths cause by carbon monoxide poisoning while a child an father were in their car warming it up and due to the muffler being covered by the over two feet of snow we got, they were poisoned by the fumes. Its seems so simple to have all vehicles be equipped with some kind of carbon monoxide alarm and smoke alarm inside the vehicle, every household I believe must have a smoke alarm and many communities mandate carbon monoxide alarms also. Most alarms are battery operated and some are hard wired so there should not be a power supply issue, most take 9 volts and a vehicle puts out 12 volts. This is just not a winter issue, just think of all the vehicles that are parked inside garages, all the vehicles with faulty exhaust systems that drivers are not aware of, as I'm sure Ford is aware also, some vehicles even after parked and left alone have defects and catch on fire outside and inside garages and unfortunately even suicides are committed by using the vehicles exhaust to enter the vehicle. These carbon monoxide and smoke alarms could be activated with already installed theft alarms , my feeling is that they should not be options but factory installed. Some might say that the low amount of deaths by poisoning doesn't justify the cost of installing these alarms, but just think of all the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms we buy and they never get set off, but the first time they do will probably save lives, one life lost is to many. Just think how simple it is, I guess if I wanted to I could go in my house and get my battery operated alarm put some velcro on it an stick it on my interior roof, it wouldn't look pretty and might fall going over bumps but I think you get my point, I think some sleek integrated alarm could be built in dash or along side the interior lighting system on the interior roof area. I look forward to hearing back from you on my idea.
Thank you,
John Fiorentino
George D 02/17/2013
Yes I agree