car seat alert

Dear Ford Engineers- I can not bear to hear of another child dying from accidentally being left in a hot car. With all of the technology at your disposal, can new cars be equipped with sensors that will cause an alarm to sound if 10 or more pounds is left in a seat for more than 3 minutes? It must be an alarm different from a break-in alarm. Something recognizable to notify anyone in a parking lot to please help. I know you already have sensors that detect if a person is sitting in the car without a seatbelt so it seems to me an easy next step
Gerald k 10/23/2012
great, until you put a brief case, laptop bag, or luggage on your seat. or your bowling ball bag. People just need common sense instead of the Government forcing more regulations down our throats.
T C 08/16/2012
Good idea! I think a sensor that detects a person, or an animal such as a dog or cat locked in a car should also be able to automatically open the all windows so the car won't heat up as well.