cam back

I think that after the cam on back in the licence plate, the car need two different cam in both side back, because when the car exit from the parking in reverse and the next car is a big track, is hard know if coming a car, so, if the car have a back side cam, they can know if coming some veicles or not.
Charles W 12/29/2012
One step further is to put side cameras on the front bumper area, so you can look left or right when pulling away from a stop sign in a crowded neighborhood. We have all be there when someone parks a large truck at the first spot on the corner, you have to creep out halfway into the intersection to see what is coming . The front bumper is on average 4' in front of your actual sight to the left or right ,so it is the first part of the vehicle to see what is coming.
Ryley N 12/28/2012
was this english?
Ricky N 12/28/2012
kinda hard to understand what you saying but from the sound of it you talking about side rear cameras so that when backing out of a parking lot space you can see the other cars driving down the parking lot.
Mike S 12/28/2012
Or at least a sensor for when you back out and you'r parked next to big vehicle that you can't see.