C Max Hybrid car seat track cover

By Eric A.

For the C-Max Hybrid, the tracks for the front seats to go forward and and back, are raised and open . I sit back far enough back so that the front of the tracks are exposed by about several inches. When I swing to get out of the car, before my leading traling leg touches the ground the cuff of my pants have gotten tend to get caught in the track closest to the door. I could see a situation where ithe the pants would rip, the track would get damaged, or an injury could result. A quick interim fix would be a plastic snap on cap for the track closest to the door that covers the open edge. Longer fixes could involve various track redesigns such as having the top of the track be a deep "U" shape.
A C Mills 02/22/2013
Something should be done and Ford should be working on it. I haven't run into this problem with my Ranger, but plan to get a C-Mas in a few months and would hate to ruin my clothes. A make shift cardboard cover held on with rubber bands might work in the interim, if there is only one driver.
roger s 01/02/2013
This issue exists on my '11 F150. My wife has scraped her leg more than once getting in the truck after my 17 year old has been riding up front.