Brake light/turn signal

By Ryan B.

I am not a direct Ford owner (but a 2001 Mazda Tribute owner – similar to the Escape).However, I am so interested in how every car company designs their cars and to see how each car improves every model year. But I have some suggestions. I am a bit picky when it comes to the blinkers of the cars. In my opinion I think that the turn and brake signal should be separate from one another. Some cars do have the blinker in combination with the brake light, which takes away one side of seeing the brake light when the blinker is on. I would not buy a car because of that reason. I just want to see the maximum amount of safety and innovation into Fords cars. In Europe, as you are aware that they have laws about the point I am bringing up. So why can’t you do the same in the States? It is really for safety reasons. I just want to bring this point up so you can see what people, like me, are looking for in cars. Don’t let something so simple like this be a reason why people don’t buy a car. Hopefully you can look into this as you design future vehicles. Thank you.
Justin H 01/24/2014
At least BMW and Mercedes have separate turn signals on their models. Even they are taking it away though. The 2014 X5 does not have a separate turn signal in the rear. It will in Europe though.  The 2013/14 escape have separate rear signals though!
G 01/15/2013
I agree. BMW and Mercedes now backward in using red rear turn signals. On my VW passat 2006 I had to pay $350 to get amber rear turn signals