Both Hands on stearing Wheel

I have a suggestion for future cars being designed. I'm pretty sure there is nothing out there that has been done yet. The suggestion that I have would have to do with people still using cell phone while driving. I see them and I live in a state where you can't drive while talking and you can't have two hands on the steering wheel if you are talking on your phone. But do people care no. I thought of a way that people who drive don't put two hands on the steering whee when they are using a cell phonel. My thought would be to have a bell go off every so often if you are not driving with two hands on the wheel. I use my seat belt cause I hate to hear the bell. I didn't use to.
 Also another idea would be to have a censor in the car if someone has been drinking and gets in their if it's senses that someone has had too much the car won't go on in the drivers side.