BLIS on C-Max

I had decided to buy a C-Max over an Escape for MPG but then found out NO BLIS. Have decided to wait for BLIS on C-Max.
Mark 04/09/2013
This makes three of us. I want to buy a C-Max Energi but my wife says No BLIS, No Buy! Wake up Ford!
Mark B 03/10/2013
My wife has a Ford Fusion Hybrid with BLIS and I'd like to trade in my SUV for a C-Max Energi. However, she has declared "No BLIS, no buy" so Ford is missing out on a sale until they offer BLIS on the C-Max!
Seth R 02/04/2013
The c-max really needs blis. The prius already has it and adaptive cruise control.
Also the c-max needs collision warning.