BLIS Configurable LED color

By Doug S.

Since I am vision impaired in one eye, the BLIS system has been something I have been needed all my driving life. Now that I have it, I can say well done! The little yellow LED denotes caution when a BLIS activation alarm is generated.

A few tweaks on the design is that the yellow LED is easily confused with yellow driving lamps on traffic behind me during non-daylight hours. It would seem to me that since LED’s can be multi colored, the blind spot activation indicators could be programmable for the BLIS. The configuration would be done via the MFT screen.

The configuration would take into account outdoor ambient light levels which could allow you to pick the color that provides the best visibility for the individual driver for given lighting conditions. Since this would be configurable to meet an operators needs it would add an additional layer of safety. For color blind drivers, they could set their own contrast levels that give them the best visual indication of a blind spot alarm condition.

The operator should also be allowed to choose a blink pattern that could be based on morse code. The configurable blink pattern would prevent confusion between a possible turn signal indication that mirrors sometimes have built in and an active BLIS alarm.

Of course, these configuration settings would be able to be backed up to a USB drive for convenience – along with any other tweaks, modifications, POI’s and other customized data.