Blind Side Backup System

Place a video lens in the side of each rear tail lamp on every Ford vehicle.  Have both lens connected to the vehicle video center on the vehicle console or dash area. Place two four-inch square video monitors on each side of or under the current backup cam monitor.  Once the vehicle transmission is placed in the reverse gear selection, the backup cam monitor and both Blind Side Backup monitors would jointly provide one hundred eighty to two hundred seventy degrees of view from the rear portion of the vehicle.  This would provide views from three directions instead of the existing one direction.

This would be invaluable at greatly reducing vehicle/pedestrian, vehicle/pet, vehicle/vehicle and vehicle/structure contact that still exists with the vehicles armed with a backup cam.

Another great benefit to this option is that it will not cause an increase in normal "backup time" which is very critical. Audio alarms are very useful in avoiding contact but the "backup time" is greatly increased when triggered.

I recently read that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring a backup camera system in every new vehicle sold in the United States beginning model year 2018 and is separately seriously considering the replacement option of sideview mirrors with rearward facing side view cams.  I believe that now would be the best time to excel above the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandate especially when additional vehicle viewing monitors and cams may be required as standard equipment that will force all auto manufacturers to re-redesign every vehicle dash and console.

My father suplemented his rearward vision using his backup cam system in addition to the vehicle mirrors recently when backing out of a parking stall and was hit from the side from another backup cam vehicle backing out of another parking stall. My father's vehicle was struck at an approximate thirty degree angle and never saw the other vehicle move or approach due to a van parked between the vehicles that prevented both drivers from seeing each other. This incident spurred my interest in solving and preventing future accidents of similar nature.

Thank you for your consideration,

William Skinner
John E. C 09/06/2014
I would be willing to give up my backup camera for rear side backup sensors. Seeing what I am backing into is less important than knowing something is there, before I can see it.
Looking at the camera takes my attention away from what else is going on around me. *Also include front side sensors*