bee & bug shield

By Roy P.

while riding with window down I have had bumble bees & wasps bounce off mirrors and into my car it seems like all land in lap or floor on in back seat knocked out of course when a bee comes awake it will sting. A lot of people must get care fast when this happens. I was thinking of a removeable screen one that snaps into window channels this would prevent a lot of accidents. Also a screen for your cars grill one that can be removed and cleaned at car wash this would keep bugs from stoping air flow and make it run cooler. I ran into a swarm of bumble bees last week had 2 in my lap 4 in floor board my passanger had 2 in her hair one went down her shirt. I did get the car pulled over but not before getting stung 3 times passanger 2 stings I killed 4 from front and 3 from back seat my pasanger had to go to hospital for her stings she swelled up really bad if there had been a kid in the back I am sure more bee stings were possible. thanks for taking this idea