Backup Camera STANDARD on all!

A backup camera needs to be standard "safety" equipment on all Ford vehicles. It cannot be considered "convenience". Understandable if fleet trim/spec vehicles omit this item for cost considerations. Follow Honda's lead with backup cams!
Warran W 02/06/2013
The F-150 models should come standard with backup cameras. Also, navigation systems should be offered as an option. For the STX model, for instance, Floor Carpet and Fog Lights should be either optional or standard. Ram does it!
Isaac J 01/02/2013
Backup cameras should definitely be standard on the Escape considering that the price for a fully loaded model can exceed $37,000 easily. Thats a huge amount of money for a compact CUV. Ford vehicles are by no means the cheapest around, so I agree that things like a backup camera should be standard at least on the Taurus, Fusion, Explorer, Escape and Flex.