Back up lights PAST/PRESENT

Hi Happy Holidays.. I'm a proud owner F-150 03 my observation and conccern is, first I'm kinda've old school. I have noticed and am not to sure if Ford has this "feature" on some or all of it's modern vehicles, but I have noticed that in some occations I've been waiting for a parking spot or just expecting for a vehicle to back up. But to my surprise ther is no operator in the vehicle and the back up lights are on. To my understanding and by law back up lights are to warn!!! not only other vehicles but pedestrians also that the vehicle is in the reverse mode and will back out. Owners of vehicles with this so called "feature" will click open and the back up lights will be on while either they are saying goodbye to friends or just not aware of the confusion they may have created by having the lights on. I truely believe this "feature" should be eliminated from the locking/unlocking of the vehicles. God Bless
Thank You SFC (RET) Disabled Veteran Pedro Medina