babyseat pad

By Lynn F.

A thin sensor pad that could be placed in the babyseat before the baby.  When the driver stops the car, a repeating sound occurs if the sensor pad senses weight.  Something different from the ping for lights still on, but a re-occuring sound that would alert the driver to something in the babyseat, and not so loud that a sleeping baby would be woken.  The pad would be activated by the car starting and the sense of weight.  Once the weight is lifted, the reoccurring sound shuts off.  I would suggest a pug on the shelve behind the back seat similar to the ligther plug used for a gps.
Donna Hunget 08/01/2013
My Ford has a warning buzzer if someone is setting up front in the passenger seat without their seatbelt, so why can't someone come up with an idea for a child not to be left in a hot car or even in the winter in a cold car. It could work for pets too. I think this is a very important thing to look in to. Thank you..... Donna H.