Baby weight sensor and or alarm

By Rony H.

so when I bought my new Ford Fusion 2012 the vendor told me and my wife that there is a sensor in front seat where if we seat my son there and he does not have enough weight to be there there would be some kind of alarm that will tell us that he can't be there, base on that technology I was thinking that maybe the same can be implemented when a baby is sitting in the back the could use this technology by know that there is still weight in the backsit therefore a baby should still be in the sit, the parent could be alerted by an alarm, not being able to lock the doors or not being able to activate the alarm in the car, much like when you leave your trunk door open, that way the parent has more than one way to know that his or her baby is still in the backsit, thank you.
Vickie Kite 08/30/2012
There have been 33 child deaths this year due to children being left in the car. My great neice that was 16 months old was one of these children. Please Please. This needs to be a priority.