Baby on Board

To prevent infant deaths due to parents inadvertently leaving children asleep in the back seat of a hot car, can you please develop a baby on board system that works maybe like the seat belt reminder. When you place the key in the ignition, you get a bell or voice that repeats until you choose to engage the baby on board or baby not on board system. If the baby is on board, upon removing the key from the ignition, the software provides a bell or a voice reminder to ask if the baby has been removed to her/his safe destination. Please, please, please, do this. I will buy a Ford Edge instead of the other vehicle (not a Ford motor product) I'm looking at if you do this. I chose to share this idea with Ford because you didn't take government bail out funding, opting, instead, to manage your business more responsibly.
Roy Hanson 10/01/2012
Bad idea! the parent should be alert and remove child from seat! no matter how busy or important the parent thinks they are, its COMMON SENSE! remove the child and take the child with you. Ford has nothing to do with your stupidity.
Michele P 09/29/2012
This is a great idea. It is so sad to read about a child dying because a parent left the child in the car. Thanks