AWD for Ford Fusion SE

We are very intrested in purchasing a 2013 Ford Fusion. We have driven the car and like it very much. However, we have two firm requirements. The car must have AWD and it must not exceed our budget for a new car.
The model we would like to purchase is the SE. However, we were advised that the AWD feature can only be obtained when the Titanium model is purchased. Unfortunately, we cannot purchase the Titanium model because it costs $6,500 more than the SE - a significant amount for a retired couple.
We hope Ford will introduce some flexability so we can purchase an SE model with the AWD option which allows us to stay within our budget. We have friends who have a similar interest in that feature especially for our Utah weather.
Delores 06/17/2013
I don't know what AWD means but I bought a 2012 Ford Fusion SE and it does not have cruise control. I never thought to ask. I was sure it was pretty much standard. I drive distances even at age 76. One area has speed traps for about 60 miles and they set there and watch for out of towners!
Mike W 04/10/2013
I was just on Chat with Ford and they suggested coming here. I agree 100% that the AWD should be offered across the Fusion line. Living in Minnesota, especially this year, AWD is very helpful!
Joe S 01/08/2013
This model does exist (SE AWD), but only in Canada by the looks of it.
Juston P 12/13/2012
Honestly, it probably won't happen. But the little Fiesta ST for 2013 could easily be fitted with AWD from FORD and still stay within your budget. Or Lincoln could offer the fiesta with this option... That would make me buy one!!!
omar m 11/08/2012
Yes AWD sounds great with a manual transmission like BMW 328 with x-drive, Audi, Benz, Volvo, and Subaru.... is a great idea!! Think Fusions SE should offer AWD too priced right.