Automatic wipers with headlights

By Troy T.

I'm an ASE Master Technician, Honda Silver Level Certified Technician, Star Certified Mercedes Benz Technician, MB Elite school graduate, as well as a senior level Civil Engineering student. I am contacting you because I've been thinking about ways to make vehicles safer for everyone. I have noticed an issue with may vehicles that would be a simple programming fix for most automakers and surprisingly enough hasn't been addressed with newer models. The rain sensor feature on most models just controls the window shield wipers and it works great, but what it doesn't do is simply turn on the vehicles driving lights when it's raining. This is actually a law in all U.S. states for very good safety reasons. Now most vehicles do have sunlight sensors on them, so the lights do turn on in the dark. So if it's dark enough when it rains this would work, but I've been following behind other vehicles on the road on many occasions when the sun was still out and the rain was so hard that I was not able to see them when I was just 100 feet behind the vehicle. Now if any computer on the vehicle was programmed to automatically turn on the headlights and taillights when the wipers are on, this would prevent the problem. For vehicles with the rain sensors that customers leave on all the time it can be programmed to turn on when the wipers are cycled beyond a set threshold rate. I know with brake by wire, the vehicles all have rain sensor settings for the brakes to apply a slight load on the rotors when rain is sensed, so this function would be a simple software upgrade that would be a proactive approach and show that Ford is always thinking of customer safety first and foremost. I have almost 11 years experience with automotive electronics or mechanics and now 4 years of engineering knowledge to back that up with, so I know how it can be done and have one more feature that makes owning a Ford the safe choice for everyone.
Mike R 12/28/2012
Troy, I couldn't agree more. I have thought about this, but could not find the appropriate venue. Nice and simple!