Automatic Seat Belts

By Lyn S.

Since 65 % of women hold D.L.'s in the US.& FORD
Already has the set up for auto seating,radio, lights, sync
HOOK UP ???? .It is extremely difficult to put your
bag in, insert the key, make sure the kids are secure then
buckle up before You get Carjacked, robbed,
kidnapped,raped or God forbid You or your
family are murdered. I have thought about this
as well as put a poor mans patent on it since
my friend was carjacked & killed in 2004 while
trying to fasten her seat belt. Thank you.Linda
Victoria I 05/22/2013
Been there, done that. They were horrible the first time around, and I don't expect them to be any better this time. As has already been mentioned, they are horribly misused. If the seat belt is misused, there's no point in even having one.
Britt S 03/21/2013
Like Stephen B. said, they had them, people were not using them correctly, they would only use the shoulder belt, the automatic part, and forget to fasten the lap belt, and they were causing injuries during accidents due to their misuse, so they did away with them. You really can't make a "fully" automatic seat belt with shoulder and lap belts connected, because the track would have to run across the full length of the front portion of the windshield.
Stephen B 01/11/2013
They had automatic seatbelts in the 80s, and they were awful. I have two kids, and one is old enough to buckle, and the younger one is learning. I think most people realize the importance of wearing a seatbelt these days, and I really don't see it as such a hassle. If you're concerned about an attack, simply lock your door before putting on the belt. Sorry about your friend, but it sounds like an isolated incident.