auto wipers

I recently purchased a 2013 Ford Escape SEP w the automatic wiper option. With this feature turned on the wipers come on when it rains, but do not turn on the headlights as required by law in my state (PA). If you do not have this option and have manual wiper intermittent, the lights come on. This is a design flaw in the new Escape that Ford needs to come up with a fix to this problem to prevent people from getting tickets because they assume the lights come on, but they don't. Thank you. Rich H
Curran F 05/11/2013
I recently purchased a 2013 Fusion with rain sensing wipers, I do notice if in intermittent it takes awhile of continuous rain before the lights turn on automatically.
Pajama G 11/29/2012
Absolutely agree! I'm in New England and needed this requested feature yesterday.
Curran F 11/17/2012
The lights turn on with my wipers on my 2011 edge with rain sensing & HIDs