Apply Brake Lights when Cruise Coast is held down

By Mick D.

When using the Cruise control you can modify your speed with the resume/accel or set/coast. Since you can scrub/decelerate speed pretty rapidly when holding down the coast button for an extended period of time say 5 seconds (unlike the normal 1-2 mph per click) especially in a manual then the brake lights should Illuminate to warn the cars behind you that you are slowing down. In essence you are doing the same as if you are applying the brake to slow down for traffic in front of you but not relaying that to the cars behind you.
Brian S 08/24/2012
it's an interesting safety idea, and might actually work in some circumstances, though I always think of the 'coast' function (which I use myself) as lifting one's foot off the accelerator, not braking. I think it would simply confuse / annoy drivers behind you to see your brakes flash at 70mph simply because you're coming up on a 55mph zone. if I want to signal anyone behind me that I'm slowing down with CC on, e.g. I just noticed speed trap, then I just tap the brakes to turn it off, and then hit resume to re-engage.